• Studeren in eigen tijd
  • Het is goedkoper dan een dagopleiding
  • Studeren op een plek die jou schikt
  • Je kan de stof makkelijk nalezen
  • Je bepaalt je eigen studietempo
  • Opgeleid tot een erkende certificering
  • 2 uur gratis inhoudelijke ondersteuning
  • De beste prijs-kwaliteit verhouding

What comes with the GreenBelt self-study?

  • The English language theory book. A unique publication full of examples and later also suitable as exam preparation or as a reference
  • The English workbook with dozens of instructions, questions and tasks
  • A course with a presentation of workshop techniques
  • The Lean Toolbox 4th edition – John Bicheno, Matthias Holweg
  • Reference Cards
  • Free trial exams in English
  • Free examination preparation
  • Access to our Telephone Helpdesk = you receive two hours of free coaching *

“I considered the examination training as very valuable. It shows exactly where the emphasis is on the exam and that helps during the preparation.”

Elaine, self-employed

*Telephone Helpdesk

During the Greenbelt self-study, you have the opportunity to get support from one of our certified Lean Six Sigma (Master) BlackBelts for all of your specific questions. This support is for a total of two hours and will have a minimum time duration of ten minutes per telephone contact moment.

The telephone helpdesk is staffed by certified Lean Six Sigma (Master) BlackBelts. They know their profession both from the books and from practice. Our (Master) BlackBelts have the appropriate substantive, at the highest levels, knowledge regarding Lean Six Sigma and the relevant change management issues. In addition, they have the ability to answer your questions in a correct, clear way.